Books by Dr. Bruce Eimer

Dr. Eimer is the author of the popular self-help book, Hypnotize Yourself Out Of Pain Now! (First Edition published in 2002 by New Harbinger Publications and Second Edition published in 2008 by Crown House Publishing), and the co-author with Moshe S. Torem, M.D. of the self-help book, Coping With Uncertainty: 10 Simple Solutions (2002. New Harbinger).

Dr. Eimer is also the senior author of the textbook, Pain Management Psychotherapy: A Practical Guide (Published in 1998 by John Wiley) and he is co-author of the book, Brief Cognitive Hypnosis: Facilitating the Change of Dysfunctional Behavior with Jordan I. Zarren, M.S.W. (Published in 2002 by Springer Publishing Company). Most recently, Dr. Eimer coauthored the textbook, Ideomotor Signals for Rapid Hypnoanalysis: A How-To Manual with Dabney Ewin, M.D. (2006. Springfield, IL: Charles Thomas.)

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Professional Endorsements

We understand that many people are skeptical of so-called "hypnotists" and hypnosis in general. Many people associate it with stage shows and entertainers that get people to cluck like a chicken or do other foolish things they would never normally do.

But Dr. Eimer is not an entertainer. He is a board certified clinical psychologist with extensive credentials in the field of hypnotherapy. He has even written text books on the subject, as you can see to the left.

Take a look at the distinguished group of professionals below who have endorsed this program. Renowned medical doctors. Esteemed college professors. Distinguished editors of clinical journals. Successful authors. You can judge Dr. Eimer by the company he keeps!

Here's a look at what some of these people have to say about The Best Stop Smoking With Hypnosis Program:

"I congratulate Dr. Eimer for his development of this time-proven stop smoking approach for the general public. He has adapted an original single-session smoking cessation program that has been taught to and used by hundreds of licensed health professionals to help their patients and clients STOP SMOKING. Their health has been improved and their lives saved. Now this unique "Best Stop Smoking With Hypnosis Program" is available to everyone. May all of you who use this powerful tool live long and healthy lives."

Jordan I. Zarren, M.S.W., D.A.H.B., D.C. S.W.
Past President and Fellow, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Florida Institute of Technology, Graduate Department of Psychology
Co-author, Brief Cognitive Hypnosis: Facilitating The Change of Dysfunctional Behavior

"Dr. Eimer has constructed an excellent self-help program for overcoming what is a very entrenched habit that has a significant social cost. He very appropriately stresses the role of motivation in stopping smoking and the value of repetition in changing behavior. He has clearly laid out information about hypnosis and how it can be helpful in easy-to-understand language and has provided for relapse prevention. His hypnotic suggestions directly address the problem of smoking but in a positive way. I highly recommend this program to all those who wish to stop smoking but are not sure how."

E. Thomas Dowd, Ph.D., ABPP
Author, Cognitive Hypnotherapy
Co-author, Hypnotherapy: A Modern Approach International
Editor, Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy
President, American Academy of Cognitive & Behavioral Psychology
Professor, Department of Psychology, Kent State University

"This program will help you to get rid of the habit of smoking. Listen to it and give it a chance to work for you. It is delivered by a well educated, experienced and talented psychologist."

Moshe S. Torem, M.D.
Medical Director, Center for Mind-Body Medicine
Chief, Integrative Medicine, Akron General Medical Center
Professor of Psychiatry, Northeast Ohio Universities College of Medicine
Distinguished Life Fellow, American Psychiatric Association
Diplomat, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
Fellow, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
Co-author, Coping with Uncertainty: 10 Simple Solutions

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