Professional Endorsements

"This program will help you to get rid of the habit of smoking. Listen to it and give it a chance to work for you. It is delivered by a well educated, experienced and talented psychologist."

Moshe S. Torem, M.D.
Medical Director, Center for Mind-Body Medicine
Chief, Integrative Medicine, Akron General Medical
Professor of Psychiatry, Northeast OH Universities
    College of Medicine
Distinguished Life Fellow, American Psychiatric
Diplomat, American Board of Psychiatry and
Fellow, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
Co-author, Coping with Uncertainty: 10 Simple

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How does The Best Stop Smoking With Hypnosis Program work?

Stop Smoking NowBecause smoking is a learned behavior, that is, a habit, it can be unlearned. In his clinical psychology practice, for over 25 years, Dr. Eimer has been helping people unlearn the smoking habit and stop smoking using the tools of clinical hypnosis and behavior therapy. Now, Dr. Eimer has put his method, “The Eimer Method”, on two audio CDs, along with an accompanying 56 page workbook in PDF format. The system is called “The Best Stop Smoking With Hypnosis Program”, and we want to make it available to everyone who smokes and wants to stop smoking.

Using hypnosis does not mean you will be zapped into stopping, or that you will not know what is going on. When you are in hypnosis, you are not asleep. You remain aware of everything that is going on, but your mind is more focused. Your suggestibility is heightened, but only to suggestions that are acceptable to you. Using The Eimer Method of Hypnosis, you will be very relaxed and receptive to helpful suggestions and instructions so that you can kick the smoking habit and become a non-smoker for good.

This program makes experiencing hypnosis easily attainable just by reading the program workbook and listening to Dr. Eimer's soothing voice on the accompanying CDs. The CDs contain Dr. Eimer's easy to understand instructions and suggestions that will guide you to stop your smoking habit for good with a minimum of stress and no withdrawal symptoms in most cases.

Now, you and your loved ones can stop smoking in the comfort of your home in as little as under 2 hours. Dr. Eimer's audio CD program will help you kick the smoking habit, no matter how entrenched it is, rapidly and easily, once and for all, using The Eimer Method of stress relieving hypnosis. No one fails with this program! If you make a mistake, you can correct your mistake, if you choose to correct it, using the instructions given.

So, if you want to stop smoking, or want to help someone you care about to stop smoking, and you have tried numerous methods without lasting success, "The Best Stop Smoking With Hypnosis Program" is for you!

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